McMahon Scottish Genealogy From 1800

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Children with:
Flora McKinlay Brash

John McMahon
Annie McMahon
Rose Ann McMahon
Margaret McMahon
Bernard McMahon

James McMahon
Hugh McMahon
  • Born: 3 Apr 1878, 9, Old Wynd, Glasgow
  • Married 16 Jul 1900, St Francis Church, Glasgow, to Flora McKinlay Brash
  • Died: 27 Apr 1941, 3, Vermont Street, Glasgow
  • Occupation: Ship Worker

    Hugh McMahon was born at 8.30pm on the 3rd of April 1878 in Old Wynd Blythswood, Glasgow.
    Hugh’s father was James McMahon (1838- ) a Harbour Labourer at the time and his Mother was Bridget McMahon (Smith) born Ireland, (1841-1902). 

    Hugh was one of six children the 1st being

    Margaret Mcmahon born around 1864 born in city poor house Glasgow

    Catherine Mcmahon born around 1867 born in city poor house Glasgow

    John Mcmahon born May 28th 1869 at number 94 Saltmarket Glasgow

    Annie Mcmahon born May 2nd 1872 at number 94 Saltmarket Glasgow

    Bernard Mcmahon born around 1873

    Hugh McMahon born on the 3rd April 1878 at Old Wynd Glasgow


    Poor relief records 27/10/1879


    Hugh age one living with father James and Sister Ann age 9 Bernard age 5 at Turnpike Bridgegate. Mother Bridget is in Hospital at present time certified injury to spinal cord. His sister Roseann and brother John are both living in Industrial County School St Mary’s (Truant School). His sister Margaret is living with a Uncle at 8 Neil Street and working in a Tobacco Factory  



    Poor relief records 5/2/1884

    Poor relief records show that Bridget claimed medical relief stating she had not seen her husband James for four or five weeks. Hugh age four was hit by a van he became ill and was certified by a Dr Park as having Meningitis & was admitted to the poor house for four weeks for medical relief. His mother Bridget then took him from the poorhouse & brought him back home to nurse.


    Poor relief records 1887

    Bridget re-applies for schooling fees for Hugh age nine to be sent to St Johns Roman Catholic School. His father James is at present in the poor house receiving medical treatment. Bridget is age 47 and working as a Paper Gatherer his brother John is 18 and working as a labourer and Bernard is at home 176 Muir Street Gorbals


    1891 Census records

    1891 Census records show that Hugh at age 13 was working in the Jute Mills with his mother Bridget and his brother Bernard age 17 living in Lockee Dundee


    At age 22 Hugh was working as an Ironwork Labourer at the time of his marriage to Flora McKinley Brash on the 16th of July 1900 at St Francis Church, Hutchesontown, Glasgow;

    St Frances Church Hutcheson



    Flora was 20 and worked in a Pickle factory. At the time of the marriage they lived together at 119 Crown Street, Glasgow. Floras parents were William Brash (journeyman) Flora Brash (McKinley).


    The photo below shows a backcourt in Crown Street Gorbals  


    Keywords: back stairs, backcourts, communal sinks, middens, midgies, outside toilets, rubbish bins, shared toilets, teenagers, tenements, water closets, women
    Outside toilets & communal sinks were a common feature of Glasgow tenements until the late 19th century. Subsequently tenements were built with or renovated to include a shared water closet on each stair landing.
    This is the type of accommodation Hugh & Flora would have lived in as children

    Hugh and Flora had a son James in 1900 and according to the 1901 Census the three of them lived with Helen Hyones (sister-in-law) and Edward Hyones (nephew) in Flat 26, 145 Trongate Street, Glasgow. At the time Hugh was working in a Shipyard and Flora was still working in the Pickle factory.

    Hugh died at 2.20pm on the 27th of April 1941 age 63 at number 3 Vermont Street Tradeston Glasgow with Flora by his side.
     Hugh died after suffering from Chronic Bronchitis for 2 years and Cardiac Asthma for 1 month. Sudden Syncope was ultimately the cause of his death.