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marty (martiboy_7@hotmail.co.uk)
Date:Sun 19 Oct 2008 13:36:46 BST

hi my name is martin mcmahon and i would like to find out if you have any records about me. my dad is called david mcmahon and my mum is called siobhan rogers and my two sisters are called danielle mcmahon and maria mcmahon.

if you find anything just email me please.


Paul Ross (@m.hout2@kpnplanet.nl)
Date:Sat 08 Dec 2007 14:20:34 GMT
Subject:McMahon research

Hello, My name is Paul Ross and I'm Married
to patricia McMahon. We are researching her
family and are looking for James Mc Mahon
who married Esther McArdle the came also
from the gorbals.

If you hava any information about them
please E-Mail Me.

The had a son William McMahon who married
in 1948 with Catherine Meechan.